Standing With Our Community

Corpus Christi, Texas Marina area on Christmas night 2020.

The Corpus Christi Light Stands With Our Community is our brand promise to celebrate the great people and things about our city, hold the powerful accountable and honor the core values of candid reporting and reliability. For us, ‘Standing With Our Community’ has become more than a motto—it is a promise that we live we by.

We stand up for open government. We celebrate lives, and honor those are doing great things. We protect our families, neighbors and communities. We expose corruption, bad government policy and insider games for what they are. We know that tough times will come, but tough people survive. Corpus Christi is tough as they come. When thing in our community get bad our fierce tenacity will carry us through. We never give up on Corpus Christi.

Corpus Christi is a community of ethnically diverse neighborhoods and a place we’re proud to call home. We do not report hyperbole, and we will uphold and defend the First Amendment of the constitution. We will be vigilant watchdogs of government and institutions that affect the public. We will be at the forefront of the fight to insure the public’s business is conducted in public and out in the open.

Stand With Us As We Stand With Our Community.