We know there are plenty of choices for you to get your local news—The Southside Light/Corpus Christi Light is where you come to learn about it and talk about it.

Our Mission

Our mission is very simple—give decision makers and everyday people a place to connect and learn about issues facing our growing community. We are not the source for “If it bleeds, it leads” kind of news. Sure, those places get clicks, likes and follows, but often miss the most critical stories. We are different—we focus on issues. We are where problem solvers connect.

Our Design

While we focus on investigative and informative journalism, our key reporters are Matt Pierce Briscoe and John Kelley. Both Matt and John believe in the power of open government, full government accountability, and community involvement. We are supported by individual advertisers, internet marketing, paid political advertising and individual memberships. We do not have any paywalls, subscriptions or are beholden to the interests of our advertisers. We do not accept money from government organizations whom might be subject to our reporting. While we are involved in our community, we do not serve on boards, commissions or committees that might pose a conflict of interest with our reporting. Our reporting is based on available information obtained through official sources and channels along with open records and verified documentation.