Texas To Gain Two Congressional Seats While California Loses One for The Very First Time In History

The nation’s political polarity shifted further to the Republicans on Monday, with Texas, Florida and other Sun Belt states gaining congressional seats while chillier climes like New York and Ohio lost them.

The Census Bureau said that the population rose to 331,449,281 across the country, with the highest growth being seen in the south and west.

While Texas is gaining two congressional seats, California is losing a congressional seat, a result of slowed migration to the nation’s most populous state.

Even though California lost congressional representation, the American west remained the winner. Colorado, Montana and Oregon all added residents and gained seats. Texas was the biggest winner – the second-most populous state added two congressional seats, while Florida and North Carolina gained one. States losing seats included Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

The reshuffling of the congressional map moved seats from blue states to red ones, giving Republicans a clear, immediate advantage. The party will have complete control of drawing the congressional maps in Texas, Florida and North Carolina – states that are adding four seats.

Monday’s preliminary results are a precursor to a more detailed report that will be released later this year showing populations by race, Hispanic origin, gender and housing at geographic levels as small as neighborhoods.

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