Top Story: Federal Agents Search Home Of CCISD School Board Trustee And A Local Construction Heavyweight

Federal agents on Tuesday searched the home of longtime Corpus Christi Independent School District Trustee John Longoria and the offices of Fulton Construction in what appeared to be a connected investigation. 

Just before 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, Federal authorities sent out a notice that they were at the locations conducting what they called “lawful” court action. As is typical with ongoing federal investigations details were kept to a minimum and no further official information was released. It is also speculation to say that the near simultaneous operations are even connected, but observers say that would be highly unlikely. 

Investigators were at the home of CCISD Trustee John Longoria for a few hours taking what independent observers said appeared to be files and at least one computer from the residence. 

Meanwhile, over at the offices of local mega contractor Fulton construction, investigators were seen removing file boxes and other items. Fulton has yet to address the issue and they are unlikely to do so. 

Corpus Christi ISD did issue a statement regarding Longoria, saying that they were aware of media reports regarding Fulton Construction and Mr. Longoria but also said that they had not been contacted. 

By noon speculation had begun to hit social media and social circles as to what investigators might be searching for. Everything from political targeting to racketeering were in play. Many area residents and business owners that we spoke with today said that they aren’t surprised that either Fulton and Longoria would be at the center of an investigation. Others claim that they are shocked to think that Fulton Construction and the owners, the Skrobarczyk family could be tied to some potential wrongdoing. With little to go on the speculation continues. 

Some of the speculation centered around contracts that had been awarded to Fulton Construction over the years, including many CCISD projects. The company has also been part of many iconic projects such as the Regional Transit authority project, Convention Center and the Omni Hotel, not to mention the numerous school district related projects that Fulton has been part of. The company is also the primary contractor for the currently under construction Del Mar College South Campus off of Yorktown and Rodd Field Road. 

One item of note is a Political Action Committee (PAC) which has been heavily funded by the Skrobarczyk family and lists Phillip Skrobarczyk as the treasurer. The PAC is identified as “Coastal Bend Tomorrow” and has been heavily connected with local government races over its recent history. The PAC has engaged in mailer campaigns and other mudslinging for various candidates. 

While the focus of the investigation remains unclear, those tight within the business and local construction industry remain divided over what could, or is actually going on.

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